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Shameema Yousuf, Publications & Information Division Head

I, Shameema (Fragrance), better known as Shams (the Sun), have a diverse transnational background as a U.K. practitioner psychologist, and mental health therapist. I was a former elite Zimbabwean athlete, and investment banker for almost two decades, and over the past decade have built a practice in U.K. and Zimbabwe, having trained in USA. I have engaged in Olympic, professional and youth sport organizationally, and have worked in mental health non-profit organizations. I am currently a master coach with Valor Performance-USA and consultant to PlanetK2- U.K. supporting S&P500 and FTSE250 executive leaders in corporate, technology and health domains, consultant to the English football Premier League, and Lead HCPC sport psychologist for U.K. Motorsport. I am passionately committed to diversity and inclusion, integrating multicultural psychology in practice, and advocating for change transnationally by using my platform as an international conference speaker and published author. Given my scholarly and practitioner interests in cultural diversity, I have been a guest lecturer/speaker for several universities cross Atlantic and was AASP’s Diversity in Sport Keynote in 2022. I am a scholarly reviewer for Women Sport International and have shared insights on international media channels and podcasts including AASP’s award winning Eighty Percent Mental. I hold memberships with several international psychology associations, serving on committees including AASP’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, International Relations Committee, as Chair of the Distinguished Professional Practice Award Committee, while also engaging in AASP SIG groups. Given my contribution to sport, I was recognized on the international Muslim Women in Sport Powerlist (2020).