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Terry Orlick

IN MEMORIAM: Terry Orlick 

It is with a heavy heart that we are informing you that Terry Orlick, Ph.D. passed away last Tuesday, August 17. As most of you know, Dr. Orlick was a pioneer and renowned leader in the field of sport and performance psychology. He was a cherished colleague, friend, and mentor for many individuals in all corners of the world. Terry was known for being a gentle, caring, and compassionate soul who had tremendous focus, commitment and passion for high quality living and performance excellence. He was a visionary scholar and practitioner with a brilliant capacity to translate knowledge into highly relevant tools such as books, DVDs, interview guides, and ‘train the trainer’ manuals. Terry generously shared his knowledge and experience over the years because he wanted to positively impact the lives of others. Consultants, scientists, teachers, parents, coaches, athletes, students, children and performers across multiple domains have tremendously benefited from his exceptional work.

In terms of his academic career, Dr. Orlick worked at Montclair State University (1968-1970), the University of Western Ontario (1972-1973), and the University of Ottawa (1973-2017). Throughout his 44 years at the University of Ottawa, he was instrumental in establishing the popular thesis and professional Master’s programs in the School of Human Kinetics, which have attracted hundreds of Canadian and international students and visiting professors. Dr. Orlick also founded the Canadian Mental Training Registry, a professional organization that eventually served as the foundation for the creation of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association in 2006. Dr. Orlick was frequently sought as not only a mental training consultant but also a keynote speaker by many organizations including AASP, the CSPA, the ISSP, and the International Society for Mental Training and Excellence, to name a few

We invite you to read the beautiful tribute written by Terry’s family, which further exemplifies this amazing individual’s contributions and the legacy he leaves behind: If you had the privilege of knowing Terry, you were one of the fortunate ones! In memory of Terry and the love he had for physical activity and nature, we invite you to have a special thought for him during your next workout or outdoor activity. Terry, rest in peace and know that you will be greatly missed!

Written by
Natalie Durand-Bush
University of Ottawa