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Stephen Walker

IN MEMORIAM: Stephen Walker

Dr. Stephen Walker, a long-time AASP member, passed away on December 21, 2021 at the age of 72 after a battle with cancer and, more specifically, melanoma. 

He attended the University of Oklahoma for his undergraduate and masters degrees. Stephen finished his PhD at the University of Colorado and lived in Boulder the rest of his life.  Stephen was a clinical therapist for many years but pivoted to sport and performance psychology during the past 3 decades.  He worked with Olympians, World Champions, State Champions and athletes that wanted to perform at their highest level when it mattered most.

In addition to his consulting work, Dr. Walker was Editor-in-Chief of the Podium Sports Journal known for its practicality in providing cutting-edge information on best practices in mental conditioning for athletes, coaches and parents. Stephen was a Certified Mental Performance Consultant from 2009-2020.

He was also an adjunct professor in the Sport and Performance Psychology Program at the University of Western States. Stephen was described as being extremely generous with his time, making it a point to connect trainees with those more experienced in sport psychology to broaden their understanding of the field and expand their professional network.