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Business Ownership in Sport Psychology


The Business Ownership in Sport Psychology SIG is dedicated to furthering the field of applied sport psychology in the private sector. We seek to accomplish this objective through networking, information sharing, educating students, and developing awareness enhancing programming. The purpose of the SIG is to build a network of sport psychology professionals throughout the world who are willing to share information regarding the operation of private sport psychology enterprises, including topics such as marketing, fee structures, and client retention efforts. In addition, we seek to educate students on the art of starting and maintaining a sport psychology business. Finally, we plan to create programming within and outside of AASP to build positive awareness of the business of applied sport psychology. We welcome professional and student members who have both something to share with and something to learn from other SIG members. 

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If you are interested in joining the Business Ownership in Sport Psychology Special Interest Group (SIG) or learning more about the group, contact SIG Coordinator Carla Carter.

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