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As the certification program's governing body, it is within the Certification Council’s role to develop and administer the exam to determine the qualifications of candidates for certification. The Certification Council does not develop, require, provide, approve, accredit, or endorse any specific study guides, review courses, or other exam preparation products.

The Certification Council does not accredit, approve, endorse, or recommend any education or training programs and/or products designed or intended to prepare candidates for certification. The Council has no involvement in the development or delivery of such programs or products.

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Exam Reference List

A Certification Exam Reference List is provided as a resource to give certification exam takers ideas about references that they may use to prepare for the exam while AASP works to create study materials for the future. This resource is not intended to serve as an exclusive list of references that will help a candidate prepare effectively for the exam, nor is it a guarantee that all information on the exam is contained within these references. These references and others were used to help write exam questions.

Certified Mental Performance Consultant® Essentials Resource Guide

AASP anticipates releasing its Certified Mental Performance Consultant® Essentials Resource Guide in mid-2020. The resource, developed in partnership with Human Kinetics, will be an interactive web text, complete with content, video, check-in exercises, quizzes, and a practice exam aimed at preparing candidates to sit for the CMPC® exam. The guide will include 14 chapters across 4 thematic sections and they cover all the knowledge areas tested on the exam.

Exam Review Webinars

If you are a current CMPC® needing to take the new certification exam as part of your recertification or looking to attain your credentials for the very first time, we want to help you prepare! Our hour-long sessions will be set up to provide a general overview of specific knowledge areas covered in the test. 

All sessions are available for on-demand purchase & viewing if you missed the live presentation (students $25, members $35, non-members $50).

CMPC® Exam Review Webinar IIl - Theories and Models in Sport Psychology: A Review for Those Preparing for the CMPC® Exam

If you already purchased this webinar, you can access the archive. Otherwise, you can purchase access to the archive (students $25, members $35, non-members $50).

Mary Fry, PhD, University of Kansas
Candace Hogue, PhD, Penn State Harrisburg

Primary theories and models in sport psychology will be presented and highlighted for individuals preparing to take the CMPC® exam. In particular, Achievement Motivation Theory, Self Determination Theory, and a host of theories and models addressing the stress/anxiety/performance relationships will be the focus. Special attention will be given to the application of this material for practitioners. 

CE Credit
No CE credit is offered for this webinar.

CMPC® Exam Review Webinar II - Neuropsychological/Physiological Bases of Performance

If you already purchased this webinar, you can access the archive. Otherwise, you can purchase access to the archive (students $25, members $35, non-members $50).

Penny Werthner, PhD, University of Calgary
Sommer Christie, PhD, University of Calgary
Louis Passfield, PhD, University of Calgary

This webinar focuses on two key areas of interest: the fundamental concepts of physiological preparation for sport competition and the leading concepts in psychophysiology research and practice. Essential physiology concepts to be discussed will be, for example, energy expenditure, aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, periodization, overload and recovery, burnout, and the female athlete triad. From a psychophysiological perspective, the discussion will focus on the human nervous system, impact of stress on performance, neuropsychology of performance, and a brief introduction to biofeedback training. 

CMPC® Exam Review Webinar I - Assessment of Individuals, Teams/Groups & Organizations

If you already purchased this webinar, you can access the archive. Otherwise, you can purchase access to the archive (students $25, members $35, non-members $50).

Christopher Wagstaff, PhD,  University of Portsmouth  
Alessandro Quartiroli, PhD, CMPC, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

This webinar reviews:

  • Available tests, measures, and their appropriate selection and uses
  • Interviewing techniques (e.g., motivational interviewing, micro-skills, effective questioning)
  • Verbal and non-verbal performance indicators (e.g., body language, emotional displays, communication patterns, response to adversity)
  • Elements of a performance report written by a coach, personnel director, etc. about an athlete
  • Other sources of assessment data (e.g., observation, reports, existing databases such as season statistics, etc.)