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As the certification program's governing body, it is within the Certification Council’s role to develop and administer the exam to determine the qualifications of candidates for certification. The Certification Council does not develop, require, provide, approve, accredit, or endorse any specific study guides, review courses, or other exam preparation products.

The Certification Council does not accredit, approve, endorse, or recommend any education or training programs and/or products designed or intended to prepare candidates for certification. The Council has no involvement in the development or delivery of such programs or products.

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Guidance for Preparing for the Exam and Retesting

The general recommendation for studying for the exam is to find the list of the 14 Knowledge Groups on page 22 of the Certification Program Candidate Handbook and use this as your guiding point, even if also utilizing the Essential Guide for Mental Performance Consultants. The weight for a Knowledge Group appears in parentheses following each group title. The weights indicate the number of exam items out of 100 items that target that Knowledge Group. The weights summed for all 14 Knowledge Groups equals 100, reflecting the 100 items on the exam. Let the weights guide your study time. If there is a Knowledge Group that has a low weight (e.g., 3 or 4) and you do not know anything about this Knowledge Group, you might consider not studying that group because there will be only two or three test items on that content. On the other hand, if a Knowledge Group has a higher weight, it is an indication there will be more exam items on that Knowledge Group and that it merits more study time.

To link these Knowledge Groups back to the six domains (sections of the exam listed above), look at pages 22-25 of the Candidate Handbook. On these pages, the domains/sections are listed along with the Knowledge Groups and weights (number of exam items to expect addressing both the domain and the Knowledge Group).

For retesting candidates: Combined with your test performance feedback on exam section scores (i.e., domains) from AASP, consider which Knowledge Groups you may need to study within the domains. The key concept is to study based on the Knowledge Groups and weights within the test domains as identified in the Candidate Handbook. 

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Essential Guide for Mental Performance Consultants (E-Textbook)

AASP's Essential Guide for Mental Performance Consultants (MPCs) is now available for purchase online. The resource, developed in partnership with Human Kinetics, is an interactive web text, complete with video content, check-in exercises, quizzes, and a practice exam aimed at preparing candidates to sit for the CMPC® exam and improving individuals' knowledge of sport psychology and mental performance. Fourteen chapters across four thematic sections cover all the knowledge areas represented on the exam.

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Exam Reference List

A new Certification Exam Reference List is in the works and will be provided as a resource to give certification exam takers ideas about references that they may use to prepare for the exam. This resource is not intended to serve as an exclusive list of references that will help a candidate prepare effectively for the exam, nor is it a guarantee that all information on the exam is contained within these references. These references and others were used to help write exam questions.