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AASP Members in the News Submission Guidelines


The purpose of collecting AASP Members in the News content is: (1) to highlight achievements and expertise of members while offering interesting and timely topics for online audiences through association media channels (i.e., social media, newsletter, etc.); (2) potentially identify new spokespeople who can fulfill media requests related to their expertise and speak on behalf of AASP.

To submit AASP Members in the News content, you must be an AASP member.

Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Content
    • Content should be applicable to and understood by one of AASP’s target audiences (athletes and other performers, coaches, and parents) and/or AASP membership.
    • Suggested content ideas include, but are not limited to: sport psychology content featuring CMPCs or member practitioners, client “success” stories published by a news outlet, diversity-related sport psychology news, articles featuring published AASP-journal research, outcomes of AASP grant-funded projects, student blog posts related to regional conferences or grassroots initiatives, and onsite coverage from the AASP Annual Conference.
    • When providing a summary of your content, please highlight the most important aspects of the media and how it is relevant to AASP and/or the field.
  • Multimedia
    • Posts should include at least one image and may also include a linked audio/video clip. If your upload is not your own, ensure that multimedia is free to use and attributed correctly. Sources for free-use images include (but are not limited to):

      o PhotoPin

      o Pixabay

      o Compfight

      o Unsplash

    • Links should provide more information on the particular topic and not be used for direct monetary gain (e.g., linking to your book on Amazon). Content is not for individual promotion, but to promote the field and educate the public.

If accepted, the summary you provide of your content will be utilized in crafting social media posts, newsletter content, and/or other media announcements. Edits may be made for spelling, grammar, and/or professionalism at AASP’s discretion.

Please contact Emily Schoenbaechler, AASP Certification & Communications Manager, at if you have any questions about the submission guidelines.

Members can submit news content at any time. The submission form is also linked from the member dashboard under Publications: "AASP Members in the News: Submit Content."