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AASP Newsletter - July 2020

International Relations Committee Roundup

Jana Fogaca

Jana Fogaca, PhD, CMPC
Chair of the International Relations Committee, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

The International Relations Committee (IRC) is comprised of a group of international AASP members who help promote AASP outside of the United States and raise awareness of the work that AASP members and mental performance consultants perform around the world. Our committee assists in identifying Distinguished International Scholar award recipients and strengthening relationships with sport psychology organizations in other countries. Recently, the IRC has ramped up its efforts to support AASP’s international members by sponsoring the International Jamboree in partnership with the Diversity Committee at the 2019 Portland Conference, creating new social media initiatives, adding international student delegates, and advocating for the promotion of international AASP members.

Host a 2021 AASP International Regional Conference

The IRC is committed to promoting AASP globally while supporting its international members who bring immense value to the association. If you are one of those members who would like to share your scholarly or applied work with the wider membership, please reach out to me at the email below. We are also dedicated to supporting international students and one way this might happen is through an AASP regional conference. Regional conferences are known for their great learning value for student attendees and international institutions are eligible to apply for the Regional Conference Grant. If your institution would like our help to apply for this grant, please contact me at The deadline to apply is September 1, 2020.

The IRC rotates a portion of its members every year. For a member to be considered for the IRC, they must have earned one of their sport, exercise, and health psychology-related degrees outside of North America or acquired professional experience outside of North America for a minimum of three years. Members of the committee must be AASP members throughout their tenure on the committee. IRC members must contribute to the committee’s work throughout the year and attend the biannual meetings (one in June and one during the Annual Conference). Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more about the committee or simply contribute to its mission as a collaborator!

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