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Ale Quartiroli, Publications & Information Division Head

Alessandro (Ale) Quartiroli received his education in Italy and Spain, where he completed his Laurea (5 years degree) in Clinical Psychology (2004) and an executive master in sport mediation (2006). In 2005, Ale moved to the United States of America, in West Virginia, where he completed a Ph.D. in Sport and Exercise Psychology (2011) from West Virginia University, as well as a Master's in community counseling (2009) and one in athletic coaching education (2006). These wonderful international experiences contributed to the development of his desire to focus his professional work on the internationalization of the field and of the profession.

He continues to foster this desire by participating in international conferences, teaching abroad, and engaging in international research groups. Upon completing his doctoral work, Ale joined the Kinesiology Department at East Carolina University (2011-2013) and then moved to the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, where he is currently an Associate Professor of Psychology. Ale has been a member of AASP since 2006 and has had the great fortune to join and contribute to a variety of committees as a member (e.g., Research Development Committee; Distinguished Doctoral Student; AASP Foundation) and chairperson (i.e., International Relationship Committee; Dissertation Award Committee). His main areas of professional interest include the exploration of factors related to the professional development and well-being of sport and exercise psychology professionals and of the factors fostering ethical, competent, and effective long-lasting professional career.