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Certification Council Releases Change to Approved Mentor Requirements & Extends Acceptance of Virtual Direct Client Contact Hours

Since the pandemic caused a shift in the professional working arrangements of many of our applicants and mentors, the CMPC Certification Council shared a number of temporary changes to the certification process given the various challenges associated with COVID-19. We realize many facets of our professional and personal lives continue to be impacted. As such, the Certification Council has continued to review our policies and accommodations to better the program and has readied additional updates to support future CMPCs and the clients they serve.

Changes Implemented to Registry of Approved Mentors Application Process

Previously, new CMPCs were automatically listed in the Registry of Approved Mentors upon attaining new certification without meeting any additional requirements. CMPC applicants who submit a Standard or Experienced Practitioner application prior to January 1, 2023 will continue to be automatically included in the Registry of Approved Mentors once CMPC is awarded and 6 CEUs in Mentorship/Supervision are completed.

Based on a policy change made by the Certification Council, beginning January 1, 2023, newly credentialed first-time CMPCs who wish to mentor may apply for listing in the Registry of Approved Mentors two years after their CMPC is awarded or five years after their eligible graduate degree is conferred.

If the applicant does not apply for inclusion in the Registry at the time of their application, they may do so at any time during their first 5-year term as a CMPC by furnishing documentation of the six (6) hours of continuing education (CE) in mentorship/supervision.

The online Registry of Approved Mentors application form has been updated to reflect this policy change.

If your CMPC application has been submitted and is pending review as of September 1, 2022:
Please note that should the application be approved and exam be passed, listing in the Registry of Approved Mentors would be automatic upon successful passing of the exam and completion of 6 CEUs in Mentorship/Supervision.

If you are a current CMPC and already listed in the Registry of Approved Mentors:
This change will not immediately affect you. Reapplication for listing in the Registry will be required by completing Mentorship/Supervision CEUs at the time of recertification.

For those currently enrolled in a graduate program:
The applicant will be entered into the Registry when their CMPC is awarded following the current requirements and completion/documentation of 6 CEUs in Mentorship/Supervision.

For those who begin graduate school after January 1, 2023:
This group of applicants will be governed entirely by the new requirements. (i.e., able to apply to become an approved mentor two years after their CMPC is awarded or five years after their appropriate graduate degree)

For individuals using the new Registry application form to apply to become a non-certified approved mentor:
The new policy will go into effect immediately. The Registry application form has been updated online.

For candidates working on their initial certification and completing virtual mentored applied hours:

We are aware some students and trainees are now able to return to some in-person consultations while observing the current COVID protocols and recommendations offered by local, state, and/or federal agencies. The Council continues to support and encourage such activities when they are able to be done so while protecting the safety and well-being of both client(s) and the practitioner/consultant. Furthermore, the Certification Council has extended the temporary acceptance of direct client contact hours that include sessions either in-person or from a distance via synchronous video and audio technology (e.g. Skype, FaceTime, Zoom) that approximate face-to-face contact. For individuals currently working toward their initial certification, the Certification Council has extended this acceptance period originally set to expire on August 31, 2022 to now go through December 31, 2022. We also encourage you to reference the CMPC Mentor Guidelines and Best Practice Recommendations for the mentee/mentor relationship.

Mentees who have met the following requirements are permitted to provide virtual consulting services to their clients:

  • Completion of at least 50 hours of mentored in-person consultation prior to virtual consultations;
  • Completion of at least 5 hours of documented training pertaining to ethical, competent service delivery using virtual modalities. Examples of such training are provided by APA, AASP, university courses, etc.
  • Mentees may count virtual consultations for up to 100 hours of their required 200 hours of direct contact with clients.
  • The 10 hours of required Direct Knowledge of Services should be split proportionally, consistent to the proportion of hours with in-person and virtual consulting.
  • The mentor is responsible for explaining and monitoring the mentee’s compliance with these requirements.

Finally, for those who continue to provide services from a distance, we highly encourage both mentors and trainees to review some of the materials below regarding best practice recommendations for distance consulting in an effort to ensure competent, ethical, and effective services continue to be provided to our communities: